Regain Peace: Stand Strong Against Cyber Crimes

  • From Worry to Confidence: We cut through the jargon to make understanding "cybersecurity" simple. Together, we'll light up the dark corners where hackers and viruses lurk, turning your worry into a plan of action.

  • Security that Grows with You: Our custom-made defense plans, services and consulting evolve with your business. Say goodbye to losing sleep over hackers, malware, or ransomware—without breaking the bank.

  • Quality Protection, Without the Hefty Tag: Affordable doesn't mean compromising on security. Our services offer premium defense against cyber crimes at prices that SMEs can manage, freeing you to focus on growth, not on cyber threats.

  • Digital Health Check: Quickly find out where you stand against cyber threats. No need for big consultations or waiting around. Activate your Free Trial today. No commitment required.

Join the Revolution: Unify Your Cybersecurity with Cyber Secure Online

Secure your business's future with Cyber Secure Online; a one-click, award-winning, and flexible cybersecurity solution that grows with you, eliminating the need for multiple vendors and ensuring top-tier protection effortlessly.

Simplified Integration

Snap-together modules simplify your cybersecurity, ensuring easy deployment and management through a single platform.

Unified Interface

A single, intuitive dashboard allows for swift navigation, event response, and status assessments, streamlining your security operations.

Enhanced Endpoint Agent

Ensure your business remains unscathed from the costs of digital vulnerabilities. One endpoint agent delivers multiple layers of protection.

Integrated Data Engine

An AI-driven, interconnected data engine enhances module communication, optimizing your security posture without the need for manual integration.

Unmatched "Digital Shield" Cybersecurity: Why Us?

  • Custom-fit Security: Solutions as unique as your business and practice.

  • "Always-On Guard" Support: Immediate help, any hour, for when IT emergencies strike.

  • Ahead of Threats: Continuous security updates keeping data safe.

  • Effortless Power: Robust cybersecurity made user-friendly for all staff.

  • Informed Decisions: Expert cybersecurity advice tailored to your needs.

  • Privacy First: Highest standards in data protection for confidentiality.

  • Cost-Effective Security: Exceptional safeguarding that fits budgets.

Assess your security controls, identify security gaps and evolve to stay one step ahead of the enemy with a Third-Party Vulnerability Assessment.

Our Cybersecurity Services Are Edge

What Sets Us Apart?

Elite Intelligence Partnerships: Direct access to the latest in threat intelligence through exclusive military and government collaborations keeps you ahead.

Proven Track Record: Trusted by industry leaders like Bank of America, Google, and Microsoft, our solutions set the gold standard in cybersecurity excellence.

Innovation Leaders: Creators of Microsoft's first hardened OS, we’re at the forefront of enterprise-level cybersecurity development.

Standards of Excellence: Specializing in solutions that not only comply with but exceed NIST 800-53, FISMA, FedRAMP, and FIPS-199 standards, ensuring unmatched compliance and security.

Enterprise Grade Security For Small Businesses

We've Created Bundles that Cover Your Security Needs in Each Domain

We ensure you're getting the most security possible for your budget? We get it. That's why we've curated 5 bundles

of security modules and add-ons based on customers like you and their most pressing needs.


Protect Your Business and Bottom Line

Cyber Secure Online was built on a simple principle: Enterprise-grade security should be accessible to every business. We believe the more businesses we protect, the more we protect our entire economic outlook.

Digital Health Check

By choosing our Digital Health Check, you make a clear statement: your business is not only safeguarded with top-tier cybersecurity but is also at the forefront of promoting a safer digital ecosystem for all.

Clear-Path Program

This program is meticulously designed to serve as your strategic guide, empowering you not only to bolster the security of your operations but also to champion a collaborative security effort by involving your suppliers and partners.

"Always-On" Guard Monitoring

With "Always-On Guard" managed services, your business doesn’t just meet industry-specific compliance standards; it stands as a poignant testament to your dedication to upholding national security goals.

Cyber Attacks: A Question of When, Not IF !


24 x 7 x 365



Empower Your Business with Unmatched Cybersecurity Confidence

At Cyber Secure Online, we dismantle the barriers between small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and robust digital protection. Our mission is to democratize access to top-tier protection, ensuring that every business, regardless of size or budget, can defend itself against the ever-evolving threats of the digital world.

Why Choose Us?

  • Affordable Excellence: Unlock the gold standard in cybersecurity with our Digital Health Check. We’re committed to making world-class security accessible, offering SMEs the same level of protection and peace of mind as industry giants.

  • Streamlined Simplicity: Your time is valuable. That's why our process is designed to be as straightforward as it is secure. From the get-go, a single, integrated form covers everything from NDAs to payment, setting you on the fastest track to comprehensive digital security without the hassle.

  • Expert-Guided Compliance: Navigate the maze of cybersecurity regulations with ease. Backed by our deep expertise in crucial security standards—NIST 800-53, FISMA, FedRAMP, FIPS-199—our programs, services and consulting help you meet and even exceed regulatory benchmarks, embedding compliance into the fabric of your security strategy.

  • Collaborative Partnership: Cybersecurity isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. We offer a hands-on, collaborative approach, inviting your insights and inquiries at every stage. Your active role guarantees a tailor-made security posture that aligns perfectly with your unique business needs and goals.

  • Our Promise to You:

    Secure your enterprise with Cyber Secure Online and our partners embracing the future with confidence. Beyond shielding your business, we empower you to thrive in the digital age, safeguarding not just your operations, but the trust of your customers and the integrity of your brand.


Cyber Secure Online is best

in class for cybersecurity!

"Cyber Secure Online is the best in class for cybersecurity! I love the ease of the dashboard with Cyber Secure, I was helped by a team who cared and could easily roll this out to my team."

Verified User in Government Relations

A true all-in-one solution for

email, data, and endpoints.

"Its robust email protection, data security, and endpoint defense features offer organizations a reliable shield against cyber threats. Overall, Cyber Secure Online is a valuable tool for organizations looking to strengthen their security posture and safeguard their critical assets."

Eric D.

Cybersecurity at its best!

"The multiple layers of security that protects our users has helped immensely in keeping our systems, as well as our users, safe and secure."

Verified User in Building Materials

Value out of the box.

"A lot of security tools are overly complicated, but Cyber Secure Online has an easy-to-understand user interface. From setting up our first integration, it worked right out of the box and we saw valid alerts that helped us better run our security compliance."

Jason G.

Fortifying Digital Frontiers: Your Bridge Over Cyber Breaches

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